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Harbor Companies And Stevedores


"Quays and warehouses as a work area for the handling, storage and transport of goods?"

As a harbor company you offer a variety of services. Unlike the pure forwarder you have extensive infrastructure to provide solutions for your customer’s needs.

Most harbor companies are highly specialized in their activities and will search together with their customers for the most efficient solutions to handle their goods. Sometimes huge investments are needed which will only show profit having a long-term vision.

Many port operators also offer a range of services: stevedoring, forwarding, customs declaration, logistics, transportation, ... LogiQstar is the ERP solution specifically designed to support all the business that you have to deal with on a daily basis:

  • Single data entry: Once entered, all information is available for all business processes from a central database
  • Continuously measuring the performance of your organization
  • Processing orders through your organization (e.g. distribution of tasks towards different departments and companies)
  • Quotations, orders, and sales invoicing, accounting, financial analysis, supported in a fully transparent system
  • Inventory management fully integrated with the order management
  • Managing all tariff agreements
  • Managing your orders through our unique workflow management system


The architecture of LogiQstar guaranties ease of use and efficiency:

  • Full integration with Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NAV (formerly Navision) as the basis for:
    • Commercial management (CRM, tariffs, quotations, price lists, statistics)
    • Administrative management (orders, invoicing, accounting, finance)
    • Analysis (Business Intelligence)
  • Because of our unique workflow driven order management the need for customizations is reduced to an absolute minimum:
    • Pre-registered templates to support recurring orders
    • Document production using pre-defined variable templates
    • Flexibility for ad hoc situations
    • Transparent information throughout the entire order process
  • Communication in all its forms:
    • Email through integration with Outlook
    • EDI (XML, EDIFACT, ...), (E-BL, E-AWB, ...)
    • o Loading Excel lists from your business partners







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